Why You Should Use Google Analytics

Hello friends, if you are running a website and you want to see analytics of that website then you have to use Google analytics. I hope you all heard about this google products. If you haven’t heard about it then you should have to read this article till then end. Into this article, I am going to tell how can you use Google analytics and what are there main benefits of it. If you are a beginner then google analytics is the eye of your website. So let see about it.Why You Should Use Google Analytics
Guys if you want to see what is going into your website and which keyword is going into trending and how many users are coming to your website. And you also looking for how to develop your website and how many traffic is coming to your website. Then Google Analytics is one in one tool for you. This tool will help you get all the information about your website traffic.
Google analytics not only give you website traffic information but also give you how many users come to your website and how much time they stay on your website. You can check the bounce rate of your website. So now let see how to make an id on google analytics and how to add a website into Google analytics.

How To Add A Website Into Google Analytics

So guys if you want to create an id and add your website into your Google analytics then you should have to create a Google Gmail account if you already have then you have to log in with your google analytics account. Now follow all steps that you need to add a website into your google analytics.
1. When you will open your google analytics you will see user section down below you have to create a property over there.2. You have to add your website name into thereafter that it will redirect you to website information section you have to give your website URL and time zone that should be your country. That’s it now they will give you a link and you have to add that link into your website header. And after that update your website.
After some time you can see your website all information on your website. I hope guys you get me all point.
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