What Is Mobile Responsive Website?

Hello guys, I hope you all are enjoying my article. Into this article, we are going to cover a topic about mobile responsive website. if you are a blogger and you are not using the mobile responsive website then you should have to learn about it. Because nowadays if you are not using Mobile Responsive website then you are losing your traffic over the internet. Because in these days most of the people are using android phone and when they search over internet anything google would love to give those result whose site speed is good as compare to those site whose site speed is low.
So into this article, I am going to tell you about how can you make your website mobile-friendly. So read this article till the end you will get full tutorial about how to get a Mobile Responsive Website? So without wasting more time let come to our main article.
What Is Mobile Responsive Website?
Guys Google has clearly told that they would love to give preference to that website whose website speed is much high as compared to another website. And for that, they have developed a new platform which is called Amp. Amp Stand for Accelerated mobile page. It is used for Mobile development.
And google has launched this product to use this service free of cost. So if you are a developer or you have a developer then you can tell to your developer you want to develop your site according to mobile responsive website. And you will see that guy when you will develop your website according to Mobile responsive they will give you much higher ranking as compared to another website.
There are many themes who support Amp theme or mobile responsive theme into there template so if you using any CMS like WordPress then you can use amp plugin into your website dashboard and you adjust the setting according to your website.
So that’s it guys I hope you will like this article if you have any question and any query then you can comment us into the comment section. There is more article related to Computer, technology, and SEO on our website. You can read this article to improve your skills.

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