Does Google Count No Follow Backlink?

Hello, friends, I hope you all are doing very well into this article we are going to discuss does google count no-follow backlinks? If you are doing Seo then you all heard about this term no-follow backlinks. I have seen that lots of guys are asking about does google follow Count No-follow backlinks. But They Didn’t get there a satisfactory answer so I have decided to write a short article about Google No-follow backlinks. So into this tutorial, I will discuss what is backlinks and how it is important to rank your site. Next, We will talk about the type of there backlinks and in last I will discuss no-follow backlinks. So without wasting more time let come to our article. Which is about NoFollow Backlinks

What is Backlinks

So guys if you have a new website and you want to rank your website fastly into google search engine then backlinks are the most important way to increase your site ranking into google. According to Google Algorithm if your website gets google relevancy from a good website then google will give some authority to your website. And your keyword will appear into top 10 pages of google.
Now Comes to the type of Backlinks. So there are basically two types of backlinks that help you to rank your website. One Is Do follow and other is no-follow. If you want to rank your site into google then I will recommend you to use Do-follow link. Because Google only gives a signal to do-follow links. Now We will see both of these backlinks one by one.
Do-follow Backlink:- Do-follow backlinks are those backlinks who gives you a signal from his website to your website and in return, you will get high-quality authority from a good website. And google count it as a good signal for your website. When you get a high-quality backlink from a good website.
Example:- <a href=””>Digitmod</a>
No-Follow Backlink:- No follow backlinks don’t give any kind of signal to your website. According to Google, they don’t give any signal to your website but they still count it as a link is going to your website. And they add it as a backlink.
So that’s it, guys. I hope you will like this article if you have any question and query then you can ask us in the comment section. There are more article related to computer technology and Seo related if you want to read those article then you can visit our website. There you can read lots of Seo related articles.

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