If you
find that your favorite game is paying you real money for playing it, it would
be a really good chance for you to earn money from that. PUBG is one of the
most played online games. PUBG Corp’s main objective is of creating solid
viewership from the game. It has about 400 million players worldwide.  Pubg game can be played single, duo or with
your squad. You will be rewarded for your gaming skills. In the game you have
to go for battles, tournament and missions for getting chance of winning the
first official tournament was PUBG Global Invitational. PGI was organized by
PUBG Corporation. It was held in Berlin with total prize pool of $2 million.
The distribution of points was based on the number of kills. 15 points was
given for each kill. 500 points scorer was the victor of the game with 410
points was second and 345 points at third place. After PGI, many other
tournaments were held with pool prize of $2 million to $5 million.
 The PUBG Awards 2019 is rewarding their mobile
and PC players on submitting their best/funniest/craziest 30 seconds clip based
on the theme of each week. The clips should be submitted within four weeks of
the game and you can submit only one clip in one week with each week’s theme.
Here are some steps which you should go for entering the game.
      Keep an eye on each weeks
theme and awards category on Pubg channel.
      Give reply to pubg challenge
post on Twitter or tweet to @PUBG:
a.     Give link of your 30 seconds
clip based on theme or which is less public.
b.     Use the hashtag according to
each week’s theme with the video. (Example: #IMeantToDoThat).
c.     Use hashtag #PUBGAwards2019
      Make sure your that your
Twitter account and entry is Public. You can again make it private after the
tournament. It is important that the age of contestants should be 18 or above
at the time of entry and must have video of Pubg game.
        Try to submit your weekly entry on Saturday
before 9am PST on the basis of the challenge announcement.
PUBG Mobile Star Challenge was the first major Pubg
tournament for the mobile players. There are many platforms which will provide
you tournaments for playing the game and getting money. Some of them are
Here you will be rewarded on the
basis of your kills, chicken dinner. For giving cash prize they will require
your Pubg Username, your full name, your whatsapp number, paytm number and
screenshot of payment done. It asks twenty rupees for entering the game, but
you will receive 50-60 times of that by winning in the game. These platforms
are safe and has no scam, you can win real paytm cash here. So here it all
matters to show your gaming skills in the tournament. Sharp your skills of
playing the game and get yourself rewarded for it.

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