The Top 5 Dating Apps


Finding a partner who understands your problems, mood swings, and needs are never easy. Dating can lead to heartbreak with the slightest miscommunication. Most people are afraid to get involved for the exact reason.

People use dating apps to know their likes and preferences even before getting to know each other to avoid these. This feature helps them get mutual benefits, be happy, maybe even find love. Today, we will be looking at:-

The Top 5 Dating Apps In India

1.    Tinder

Tinder is the ultimate king of dating apps. Countless people have used this app to arrive at the dating scene. Their infamous swipe left or right can unmatch or match you up respectively with anyone.

You can only talk to people who match with you or vice versa. The super like feature lets the receiver know that a person likes you. Tinder Gold allows you to give out five super likes every day.

2.    OkCupid

OkCupid is unique due to its features. It matches you with the people who share your interests and passion. You can explore the profiles of people who share your likes and talk online using their unique messaging feature.

This app has dating preferences for LGBTQ folk as well. There are advanced filtered searches that allow for deep searching for the people you like. It is entirely free, but there is a premium option available too.

3.    Hinge

This app is a unique one. Its main objective is to get the users to delete it. Establishing in-person communication between two people is the primary goal. The app learns of the user’s likes and their type, and they match by a set of answers to prompts related to choice, politics, and height.

The developers follow up on your dates, which increases customer satisfaction and provides feedback on improving the app.

4.    Bumble

Bumble aims to kill all the heterosexual stereotypes in the dating scene where it is implied that only men make the first move. Here women text first, and the men have 24 h to respond.

 There are options to link social media, hide your profile from other users, video chat with matched individuals, and send possibility to meet people in three ways: the Buzz, the BFF, and the Bizz. It is free, but there are various paid options available as well.

5.    happn

 Happn is a dating app that lets you find people you have seen before and match up with them. You can like their profile without them knowing; they can select and visit your profile if they find you attractive too.

You will not receive messages from someone you do not like, and your location is not visible to everyone. There is Instagram and Spotify access available to share your music and profile.


There are many dating apps available; choose according to your needs, likes, and dislikes. There is always someone for you out there with who you can build a happy relationship. Be respectful of people’s privacy and their opinions.

Read the guidelines and remember not to hinder the company policy of the apps. Happy Dating!

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